Kimm Law Firm provides legal services in New Jersey and New York, various U.S. District Courts, Circuit Courts, Supreme Court, and in other jurisdictions by pro hac vice authorization.

KLF serves startup ventures, mid-size businesses, small businesses, professionals, and individuals in a variety of legal and business matters in the United States and in Korea. Kimm provides Effective and Cost Effective™ service to clients.

Legal fees have become increasingly exorbitant, reaching hourly rates of $900 to $1,200 in some cases, and it is imperative to hire lawyers who will serve your strategic legal and business needs but will not crush your budget.

We work with clients to develop various, creative fee arrangements including flat fees; monthly fees; mixed contingency and hourly fees; hourly fees; contingency fees; and any other creative, mutually-beneficial means of supporting your legal and business needs, through effective and cost-effective lawyering.

Kimm Law Firm provides reliable, timely, aggressive legal advice and representation for clients of all backgrounds and fields including individuals, domestic and foreign businesses, and professionals, companies, and individuals.

We assist clients in business matters so as to prevent legal disputes; and we present clients after a dispute has arisen to provide effective resolution of disputes.

After A Legal Dispute Has Arisen

Much of our practice is devoted to litigation in civil, commercial and criminal matters. When a dispute has arisen, it is important to assess the dispute; analyze our clients interests; the adversaries probable objectives; and adopt overall strategy and incremental tactics of achieving the overall strategy. The great philosopher Sun Tsu urged two philosophical principles to living a strife-free life — one, avoid conflict at all cost; but two, if conflict is absolutely impossible to avoid (such as you have been sued already; or the person who took a loan from you refuses to repay) then be sure to adopt a strategy that will best defeat the opponent. While Sun Tsu is generally recalled as a military philosopher, his principles and maxims are applicable in everyday life.

We are admitted to practice in New York and New Jersey, and numerous federal district courts, courts of appeals and the U.S. Supreme Court; we also practice in courts of foreign jurisdictions with approval. When a client retains us, the client is possessed with a full capability to handle all trial court proceedings. Both in cases where we began to represent a client in trial court proceedings, and in those cases where we are retained to substitute other trial counsel, we are called upon to handle appellate practice.

We are fully capable of handling appellate practice of all kinds before intermediate appellate courts, the highest courts of a state, federal appellate courts, and ultimately even the United States Supreme Court. Before you retain us, we urge you to interview other law firms and ask them whether they engage in appellate practice; and if so what courts and what kinds of cases they have actually handled appeals. This is true not only of state appellate tribunals but also of federal appellate courts and the U.S. Supreme Court as well.

For sample appellate advocacy, please see Mr. Kimm's oral arguments in O Builder & Associates, Inc., v. Yuna Corporation, a New Jersey Supreme Court case which was 4-3 on a narrow legal issue whether a lawyer who had engaged in a meeting with our client, for possible retention as the client’s lawyer, was disqualified from handling the suit against our client. In a rare 4-3 divided opinion, the Supreme Court declined to disqualify the lawyer. Despite the sideshow, in the case-in-chief, at trial, Kimm successfully defeated all of the monetary claims brought by the plaintiff against Kimm's clients.

Another sample appellate advocacy can be seen in a legal malpractice case against a New York lawyer who drafted documents for a New Jersey property containing material defects which was the basis of the New York lawyer’s petition for certification and review by the New Jersey Supreme Court. In a 7-0 decision, following Kimm’s aggressive presentation of legal briefs, supplemental briefs, and oral argument presentation, the New Jersey Supreme Court vacated the certification and left undisturbed the intermediate Appellate Division judgment that Kimm had successfully obtained in Lee v. Rah.

The practice of law is a balance of art and science; the profession usses the term "black letter law" frequently but many concepts are not "black letter" but elusive and imprecise. Good judgment is formed not only from experience but primarily from state-of-the-art research, practical experience, and the analytical ability to decipher complex and often-convoluted facts to apply the law so as to enable the clients to make good judgment in their present problems and future concerns.

When we are hired to handle a dispute that has already arisen, or is impending, we assess the situation and we provide the client with a probable outcome of the dispute. Many clients comment to us that other lawyers they interviewed have said things like "the case could go either way" or "the likelihood of success of your case is 50/50" or "it’s up to the judge" or "it cannot be predicted." Such non-committal expressions provide no insight for a client, and the clients are not assisted in making choices about their future conduct. For example, a client may have entered into a business partnership on a "handshake" and has been stiffed by a manipulative partner who has essentially pulled the rug from under the client; or the client may have formed a joint venture with an overseas business entity that now refuses to inject the money that was promised.

In myriad contexts, the most important role for the lawyers is assess, perceive, and provide the client with useful advice. While a lawyer does not guaranty an outcome, we provide clients with probabilities that enable the clients to make good, informed decisions, just as individuals decide many important things in everyday life. If a resident of New Jersey or the outer boroughs of New York City want to drive to midtown Manhattan to see a Broadway show during a weeknight, they must assess whether it is a dark night (no performance); whether the Yankees are playing in the Bronx, so as to avoid the George Washington Bridge during pre-game hours, whether the Midtown Tunnel or the Ed Koch Bridge might be jammed packed, and how much time to allocate for arrival to midtown, and whether it is sufficient to find free parking on the street, or to pay for parking at a lot. Assessment and planning reduce potential problems that may rise. They do not prevent all problems in the universe, of course, and no amount of planning or assessment can prevent someone having a flat tire en route or being stuck in a traffic jam. When we advise clients we address predictable probabilities as well as the unpredictable probabilities so that the client is best able to make reasoned decisions.

Before A Legal Dispute Arises

"Prevention is the best medicine," and similarly the best way to avoid a legal dispute is to assess and avoid likely legal problems that may arise from a contemplated transaction or context. If it is an impending business deal, a written agreement which incorporates the fundamental issues that define a relationship is minimally required. A more comprehensive paper trail of the parties’ mutual intentions, desires, expectations, and objectives is ideally suited to prevent miscommunication, misunderstanding, distrust, and discord which can become a lawsuit. Some clients misperceive that lawyering efforts to preventing a dispute are clostly, so paradoxically they wait, sometimes by inaction and default, until a preventable problem becomes a legal dispute, which becomes more costly than the underlying prevention.

We provide full support for the client's preventive measures in myriad contexts, so that problems are avoided rather than trying to win a lawsuit after a problem has blown into a strife. Because our perspective includes our experiences in the adversarial litigation system, we provide our clients with reliable, effective and commonsense advise that can be implemented without excessive cost.

"Effective, Cost-Effective Representation of All Your Legal Matters
Litigation Avoidance; Litigation Representation; Trials & Appeals
Business Disputes, Labor & Employment, Start-Up Venture Support, and Major Injuries."

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